Could Taskmaster be the main villain in the Black Widow movie? Rumors circulating around the internet suggesting this might happen. The Black Widow movie has moved from May 2020 release to November 6, 2020 because of the coronavirus.

Taskmaster first full appearance was  in Avengers 196 (May 1980) by Marvel Comics and created by George Perez and David Michelinie. He made a cameo appearance in Avengers 195. He has his own very limited series titled Taskmaster 1-4 (2002).

He is a supervillain and mercenary. He is a common enemy to Deadpool, Black Widow and Avengers. Taskmaster can mimic any moves, making him very powerful adversary.

Tony Masters (Taskmaster) as a child, his mom noticed that he has photographic memory.  He learned doing rope tricks from watching cowboy performed. He was a star quarterback in his high school after watching the NFL quarterback played. After high school, he wanted to be a crime fighter but being a criminal pays better.

A copy of Avengers 196 CGC 9.8 sold for $1,009 on March 15, 2019. Prices of this book has fallen because on April 12, 2020 one book sold for $849.00 and another book sold for $887.96.

We have about another 7 months before Black Widow comes out, will this book rebound to prices like March 15, 2019?


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